10 Outdoor Colorado Winter Activities

Oct 14, 2020

Colorado is globally well-known for its lovely mountain towns and winter activities. Whether you’re searching for a remarkable location to glide down powdery slopes, hike or bike trails, or just revel in the scenery, there is something on this list you will want to experience. For more information on marvelous ranch and home real estate in the Colorado Mountains please feel free to contact us.

#10. Hot Springs

The wintertime is so beautiful, but it’s more enchanting and relaxing while enjoying it from a natural hot spring. There are so many hot spring resorts around the Colorado mountains to choose from. The Glenwood Hot Springs Resort boasts the world's largest outdoor mineral hot springs pool which is perfect for families. Hot Sulfur Springs is close to High Plains Ranch and Sunset Canyon Ranch. Here is a guide of the 30 hot springs all around the state – there is truly something for everyone!

#9. Dog Sledding

Ride on a sled driven by up to 12 beautiful huskies through the Colorado mountains. You get to enjoy the pleasure of quietly sliding along smooth trails with gorgeous pines and aspens surrounding you for miles. Plus, you have the opportunity to build an exclusive relationship with man’s best friend, who coincidentally just love to run and pull you!

#8. Snowshoeing

Snowshoeing is a Colorado staple. If you love hiking this is something you have to try. The ground and world around you has tons of snow but you can still explore and have a great adventure with the gracefulness of snowshoes. The quiet and serenity is lovely.

#7. Building a Snowman

Not all parts of the country get enough snowfall to build snowmen (or snowwomen) but this is something all families in Colorado love putting their creativity into when they wake up to fresh snowfall. Colorado residents love snowmen so much they named a whole running race after them – the Snowman Stampede.

#6. Make Snow Angels

It is a fun tradition in Colorado to make snow angels, especially when the snow is light and fluffy. All you have to do is find a fresh mound of snow, fall in backwards, and start moving those legs and arms up and down, back and forth. Try to make a snow angel family by including all of your family members and be sure to capture it on video for laughs for years to come. Afterwards, share laughs around your fireplace as the snow lazily falls outside.

#5. Snow Tubing & Sledding

Inner tubing on your own hill is a great family winter activity.

When Colorado natives and visitors aren’t skiing or snowboarding, they are definitely hitting the mountains on an inner tube or sled. This is definitely one of the most exciting ways to experience the Colorado Mountains. High Plains Ranch offers private tubing hills with access to warm hot cocoa when you’re finished!

#4. Ice Skating

Ice Skating is almost as popular as snowboarding and skiing in Colorado. There are many ice sheets both man made and ponds all over the Colorado Mountains to choose from where you get to take in the amazing landscape and glide on the ice, play hockey, or make that figure skating move.

#3. Watching a Fire Pit & Roasting Marshmallows

There is a unique aroma that comes from burning a wood in your private fire pit and roasting marshmallows surrounded by the Rocky Mountains. The only way to describe it is to come and try it. Don’t forget the graham crackers and chocolate bars to make a s’more.

#2. Horse Drawn Sleigh Rides

You and your family will never forget riding on a horse-drawn sleigh over the snow. It’s a very nostalgic experience like nothing else. Your whole family will get to bond under blankets being drawn by a horse through the forest – pair it with a rustic dinner for a super unique celebration of all things mountain fun.

#1. Skiing and Snowboarding

This is the number one winter mountain activity the Colorado mountains are known for, and the ski industry and tourism is built around this great sport. People travel from all over the world to enjoy the huge variety of terrain – whether “green” bunny slopes for beginners, extreme steep chutes worthy of a Warren Miller film, or the hundreds of runs in between, Colorado truly offers something for everyone. Enjoy the world-class resorts, or ski on your own private slopes on your ranch.


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