​Best of the Best: Colorado Trails in the Summer

May 25, 2017 -- Posted by : admin

Maybe it was pre-dawn when you hit the trail, the chill of the alpine night still clinging to the world, your crunching footsteps on the trail the only noise for miles. And maybe you caught sunrise just before tree line, as the lodgepole pines and aspens allowed bright rays to illuminate glowing patches of lupine, alpine paintbrush, asters and fireweed.

Maybe you and your friends were the only people on the summit and you disturbed a herd of shaggy, white, mountain goats as you took in the view from 14,265 ft on the top of Mt. Quandary. The world was spread out below you like a three-dimensional map, but you knew that although you just took about 100 pictures, none of them will ever do it justice.

Whether or not you are ready to tackle one of Colorado's fifty-four 14,000+ ft peaks, or you prefer to take some amazing photos on a less-demanding hike to an alpine lake, or beautiful ridge line, Grand and Summit Counties offer trails of all levels of difficulty. There are large ranches for sale near these amazing hikes.

Here are a few things to keep in mind to stay safe and have the best experience while hiking in the 'high country.'

1. Always tell someone where you'll be hiking, when you'll be back, and better yet- never hike alone!

2. Bring water. Two liters per person is a rule of thumb for a hiking day in the mountains. Remember that with the semi-arid environment of the Rockies, you can become dehydrated more quickly than in places at lower altitude with higher humidity.

3. Bring layers, especially a rain jacket! The weather can be mercurial, to say the least, and while many summer days’ dawn bright and sunny, rain, thunderstorms and much cooler temperatures are possible with very little warning.

4. Lightning safety. If your hike takes you above tree line, remember that those afternoon storms usually begin around 1 or 2 PM and be sure to plan to be off of exposed ridges and open meadows by that time.

5. Take a map. Yes, an actual, printed, paper map of the area- much of the high altitude hikes in Colorado have the spotty cell phone reception at best. Although most trails are well-marked, occasionally hikers can be confused by other trail intersections or game trails if they are unfamiliar with the terrain.

But if you do your research, and prepare, Colorado mountain hiking is a beautiful way to spend your summer. Ask us about large luxury ranches for sale and enjoy private access to great hiking this and many summers to come.

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