Buying a Colorado Ranch to Build a Family Legacy

Oct 1, 2020

Mastering the art of luxury can be measured in a number of different ways.

We each have specific ideas of how to best relax, unwind, and indulge in the fruits of our labor: fine dining; jet-setting to near and far off locations, or vacationing in exotic destinations.

The ways in which we choose to spend our time will always be personal decisions. Ones that reflect what we hold dear to us as individuals.

Some love the allure of an escape to the tropical shores of exotic locales. Others love the simplicity and appreciation of places like the Hamptons or Cape Cod. But, one of the most breathtaking and perfect escapes is the Great Rocky Mountains and all that surrounds its peaks and valleys.

Family having fun on snowmobiles.

Here are some reasons why buying a Colorado ranch can help start a family legacy while providing incredibly lavish opportunities to rest, relax, unwind and still find plenty of time to lay the foundation for a strong and lasting family bond.

Living the Dream Life on a Colorado Ranch

It's sunrise. You wake up to the sun creeping over the mountain range in the distance. Simple, relaxing sounds of the outdoors fill your senses.

Coffee is being brewed with a perfect, decadent breakfast being prepared in your professional grade, fully staffed kitchen. You walk outside to experience the brisk, clean air as you scan the acres of land that surround you. Then, you come to a striking realization - this perfect Colorado ranch life has officially become your reality.

Family stand up paddle boarding on a mountain lake.

Here are some reasons why moving to a legacy ranch will enrich your life.

Bigger Is Better

Dozens upon dozens of acres of land. Year-round recreation in a secure, secluded and pristine Colorado oasis.

A legacy ranch in Colorado can provide it all. From the entrances to the amenities; the service to the lush lifestyle - making the move to a Colorado ranch will change your life and impress any and every person you allow to grace your property.

With thousands upon thousands of gorgeous square feet to call home, living a legacy ranch lifestyle is only for the elite and those ready to invest into living large.

Family First

A house is not a home until it is shared with friends and family.

But, a legacy ranch is not only a home; it's an establishment. A fully operational ranch with a phenomenal staff to tend to the daily needs of the property while you get to experience lavish living and the best that Colorado has to offer.

Picture this. You spend a day experiencing music festivals, trekking through miles of hiking trails, or hunting the many acres of open land. Then, you retreat back home where you are greeted with a delicious meal prepared by your private chef and an evening of drinks with friends and family.

Relocating to a lavish, architecturally impeccable home in a more rustic, natural setting could be the best thing you've ever done for yourself and your family.

Get Back to Nature

The Colorado lifestyle can offer amenities and access to natural wonders that other places simply cannot. The great outdoors becomes an instant shift in mindset. Instead of soaking in an indoor tub or needing to travel to the spa or club, imagine finding the perfect hot spring to help you unwind after a long day.

Sometimes it's too easy to forget how much life we are missing outside of city limits. Imagine a few of these activities that you could enjoy if you acquire a Colorado ranch for your family:

Crackling campfire.

Making the move to a legacy ranch creates a type of paradigm shift. We begin to understand that the outdoors can offer a greater opportunity to experience life and showcase our wealth and status with the options available to meet our every whim and create lasting memories with your loved ones.

Business on Your Own Terms

There is no reason that you cannot conduct business as usual while on property at your Colorado ranch. In fact, bringing clients and other business professionals to your new natural turf can give you an upper hand in business dealings and negotiations.

Instead of conducting formal meetings in the boardroom, consider flying a client out to your Colorado ranch and do some work in a more relaxed, informal environment.

There is no need for power suits and briefcases to conduct great business. Maybe just some good, quality cooking outdoors surrounded by the most beautiful wildlife and landscape in the country could be exactly what you need to close the deal.

Plenty of Space to Play

Owning a legacy ranch in Colorado isn't just a great way to have an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, or an alternative place to call home. It's a ton of fun and host to an incredible list of options for entertainment.

With plenty of sprawling space to unwind, you can spend the day riding one of your horses through the incredible countryside that surrounds your home. When the snow starts to fall, you can spend hours on the slopes or snowmobiling through the woods and over your many acres of land.

Looking for some space to entertain? Nothing can wow a group like a professionally decorated estate surrounded by nature's most beautiful landscape.

Whatever you're looking to do to relax and unwind, life on a Colorado ranch can provide multiple opportunities to ensure a good time is had by all.

Build a Legacy

Working hard to provide for your children and future generations of your family is something that we all want to complete before we retire. Finding just the right outlet for that foundation can be difficult. But, it doesn't have to be.

Some of the best legacies are created by dreams we had as kids. If your dreams were spurred by Western movies and shows, then Colorado is where you belong.

Whether you choose a commercial ranch, an operational ranch, or a recreational ranch - making the move to a legacy Colorado ranch is an investment that will provide both financial and familial wealth for generations to come.

Saddle Up and Head to the Rockies

Not only can you have the finest amenities and luxuries at your personal disposal, but you will you be able to slow life down a bit. Perhaps more importantly, you'll be able to build new foundations and family traditions that can be passed from generation to generation.

Want to see a Colorado ranch lifestyle up close? One simple call can connect you with expert ranchers who have forever been changed by their move to the Centennial State. Come experience how you can top the Rockies, reconnect with your family, and build a legacy for your future generations.


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