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There is nothing like the feel of casting your line out, watching the fly skim across the water, and then feeling the sharp tug as a three-pound trout takes your line. When you find yourself on one of the many pristine mountain lakes with aspen and pine casting shadows and 14,000 plus foot mountain peaks as the backdrop, you know you’re in Colorado, one of the best trout fly fishing destinations in the world. Find your own piece of heaven and consider purchasing one of the many luxury ranches for sale in this idyllic mountain setting. Here are just a few of the trout you may find in the many rivers, streams, and lakes of Colorado.

Sunset Ranch Colorado is idyllic for fly fishing

Rainbow Trout

If there was ever an iconic trout, the rainbow would be it. Think of trout and you picture the “rainbow” stripe that runs along its brown-speckled body. Millions of rainbow trout are stocked every year which explains why it can be found in most of Colorado’s mountain lakes, streams and reservoirs. The Frying Pan River is world-renowned for fly fishing, where anglers often find themselves with a 10-plus pound rainbow on their line. The most popular area is between Ruedi Reservoir and the junction with the Roaring Fork—another river known for trophy trout

beautiful colors adorn this rainbow trout. Enjoy catching a variety of trout on your own private fishing waters.

Cutthroat (Native) Trout

Several subspecies of cutthroat are found in Colorado. These include the native subspecies: greenback, Rio Grande and, aptly named, the Colorado. The Colorado Parks & Wildlife is making a concerted effort to recover this fish that has been reduced due to several habitat factors. It can be distinguished by its heavy spotting near the tail and the mark that defines its namesake—a red slash near their throat. One popular spot to find cutthroat is Gore Creek, a small creek known for large trout.

Brown Trout

The best time to catch this often-elusive trout is during their fall spawning runs. They are found in high mountain streams and lakes. North Delaney Lake, in the high mountains near Walden, is well-known for its brown trout population. Its identifying marks are its black spots and reddish-orange spots inside of light blue circles. According to the Colorado Fishing Network, “The record brown caught in Colorado was in 1988, 30 lbs. 8 oz., caught at Roaring Judy Ponds.“

Brook Trout

These beautiful, prolific fish can be identified by their tri-colored orange, black and white fins. Their bodies are dark with red and white spots. They are found in many of the lakes, beaver dams and streams of Colorado at high elevations. One of the most popular spots for fishing for the “brookie” is the North Platte River.

Lake Trout

Lake Trout are also called Mackinaws, and they are the largest trout found in North America. Forty-pound fish with an average length of two to three feet are not uncommon. They are found in the deep water of mountain lakes, and can be identified by their white spots on a dark background and the deep fork in their tail. One popular spot to find these beauties is Turquoise Lake.

Lake Trout grow to enormous sizes in Colorado weighing between 15-to-40 pounds.

Colorado delivers fly fishing anglers prime fishing times throughout the season with a myriad of great insect hatches that get the trout jumping. Colorado Fly Fishing Reports offers a list of the many caddisflies, mayflies, midges, stoneflies, and terrestrials that hatch on the rivers, lakes and streams of Colorado, and includes the dates and times of their emergence. For example, the American grannom hatches roughly between March 1 and May 15 in the early morning and afternoon.

Ranch Sellers offers luxury ranches, many with rivers and streams flowing through the property, providing fortunate owners serene and private fly-fishing experiences. Considering creating lifelong memories with your family on one of these exclusive properties in the majestic mountains of Colorado?


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