Everything You Need to Know About Living on a Ranch

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So, you're toying with the idea of getting out of the city and investing in a ranch. According to the Washington Post, that's a good move if you want to have a longer, happier life.

Living country-style is a wonderful lifestyle choice but it can be very different - in a good way - from what you are used to.

Here are some things we want you to know about living on a ranch.

Space to Grow

When you purchase a massive tract of land, your neighbors are miles away. This offers you and your family unparalleled privacy.

You can look forward to waking every morning with gorgeous views around you and the sound of birdsong to usher you into the day. Make sure you choose a house with large windows so you can lap it all up effortlessly.

Living on a ranch offers a sense of peace that just can't be matched by the largest suburban property.

If you want the chance to unwind in total privacy, you could select a ranch solely on its appearance, size, and luxurious dwellings.

Outdoor Bliss

A large ranch is filled with opportunities for unforgettable family get-togethers and gives children the chance to play and learn as nature intended.

Depending on the type of ranch you choose, you could fill your leisure time with hiking, quad biking, hunting or equestrian activities. River frontage can provide opportunities for fly fishing and wintertime brings snowy activities to be enjoyed in the privacy of your own hills.

Gardening is a popular leisure pastime today and avid gardeners will love life on a ranch. Your garden will become your pride and joy, providing you with many hours of leisure and enjoyment.

In today's times of healthy organic living, having your chef prepare your own home-grown vegetables for mealtimes gives you peace of mind.

Fresh air and healthy exertion are a given. Even the most dedicated couch-potato can't resist the allure of the great outdoors for very long on a ranch.

Barbecues are a way of life when you live on a ranch. It makes sense to relax in the great outdoors surrounded by gorgeous views and beautiful gardens as much as you can.

Fauna and Flora

Choosing the perfect backdrop for your leisure time is up to you.

Whether you prefer meadows and streams, mountain peaks or towering forests of spruce, pine, and fir you are sure to find the perfect setting for your aspirations.

Wildlife species are bound to be part of the deal from curious squirrels to handsome elk, moose, and deer.

Ponds and other water sources attract mallards, geese, and other waterfowl.

When you lie on a ranch you will renew your connection with nature and find yourself embracing the circadian rhythms of your surroundings.

Water Works

Water issues for the urban dweller usually extend no further than turning a faucet. When you are living on a ranch, however, water is everything.

It is a vital resource not only for household use but for keeping a large property looking its best. The more you have, the more water you will need.

When looking for a ranch to buy, make sure it has an adequate supply of water year-round to meet the demands of all the activities you would like to have.

Gorgeous ponds, a great swimming pool, and attractive water features just aren't the same without this precious resource either. Living on a ranch where you have to sacrifice these little luxuries due to scarcity just won't do.

In most parts of the US, you shouldn't have any water worries but in drought-prone areas, you could encounter unexpected problems. In some states, you are compelled by law to share your water with neighbors during times of scarcity.

Find out about local water use regulations before you buy a ranch.

Sense of Community

Despite the great distances involved, you will find a strong sense of community among your neighbors.

Ranchers are generally a friendly bunch and you will get to enjoy many social occasions and local events in their company. It is common practice for neighbors to share the spoils of a bountiful harvest or arrive on your doorstep with a side of beef for no reason.

You will find no shortage of volunteers if you need help with anything.

Location Is Key

Unless you are a hermit, own a helicopter or are totally self-sufficient, choosing a remote property that is difficult to access has its problems.

Bear in mind that you will need to get hold of supplies, gasoline and other day to day items. It will soon become tedious waiting days on end for deliveries or have to travel for hours to reach important amenities.

In an emergency, you need access to medical care.

If you rely on the internet for work or play, make sure that you are able to access it from your prospective property. Check whether there is adequate mobile coverage to suit your needs too.

Most of the top ranches have satellite coverage for internet and media services but it pays to check before moving in.

Many of the aspects which we take for granted in urban areas simply don't exist in a rural environment.

Living on a Ranch Requires Upkeep

Even if you keep your ranch purely for aesthetic purposes and enjoyment, a large property takes considerable upkeep.

Those pastures will need to be rotated, fences will need to be checked and gardens tended to. If you don't enjoy these kinds of tasks, you will need to employ some ranch hands to do them for you.

Find out about these running costs when looking at ranches to purchase. You'll find that it's worth every cent in the long run.

Home on the Range

Does living on a ranch seem like a lifestyle you could love? Let's talk.

We have a huge selection of the finest ranches in the best locations to choose from. Our expert agents will be able to pinpoint the perfect one for you.


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