Holidays Made Extra Special on Your Colorado Ranch

Oct 10, 2020

It's that holly jolly time of year where you suddenly find yourself with an abundance of free time and family to catch up with and enjoy. So, why not invite them over to your mountain ranch for a grand family holiday extravaganza? Here we list a few winter traditions you can enjoy on your Colorado Ranch!

Horseback Riding Through the Snow

Dashing through the snow with your grown brothers and sisters while every bit of that crisp clean mountain air fills your lungs. Of course, horseback riding is aimed mostly at the older members of your family and the ones who'd at least be willing to try riding for the first time and aren’t afraid of horses. Enjoy the views from horseback …

Santa with a Western Twist

If you've been wanting to do something different for the younger children of your family but haven't had time to plan anything unique, we suggest a cowboy Santa. As silly as it sounds, you probably can't help yourself from grinning at the thought of dressing up as Santa (or getting a robust, white-haired friend to step in) and riding up to the kids on horseback with a large red sack of all the Christmas goodies they've been hinting at. THIS is what memories are made of.

Watching Christmas Classics

The Nightmare Before Christmas, Christmas with the Kranks, Christmas Vacation, A Christmas Story, Miracle on 34th Street, and so many other fun family flicks that never get old. Why not enjoy these same timeless tales in your own home theater with the best picture quality and in glorious surround sound? Add in popcorn and Twizzlers and life is good.

Quiet Time Around the Fireplace

When the kids are all tucked into bed and dreaming about Santa, it's time to kick back, put your feet up and start sipping those hot toddies you've had set aside for you and your guests. Now's a great time to start reminiscing with your close friends and family about the things you've done over the year, the time you have and want to spend together, and everything in between. Why not take it a step further and pull out the old family photo album just for the sake of nostalgia? Quality time is the true gift of the holidays.


If you and your family are more the outdoorsy type and would rather frolic than idle away indoors, why not go snowmobiling? That sense of speed, that feel of the motor roaring as you zip through the snowy paths of the ranch is an experience that's sure to create lasting memories for everyone in your family no matter how old.

Playing in the snow

As they say, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. So why not let your hair down, and be the first one to toss a friendly snowball at an unsuspecting relative? It only takes one person to start a snow slinging spectacle and it won't be long before everyone's laughing out of breath and jostling with each other next to the fireplace afterward.

If you really feel like you're throwing arm isn't what it used to be, then go the more artistic route of building a snowman. Whether it's a classic 3 ball and a carrot nose man, or a hyper-realistic ice sculpture of a loved one, use that snow to bring out your inner artist. No worries if it’s lousy, it will melt …

If you're thinking about buying your own Western Ranch, please contact us. We will help you find the ideal property. We'll be able to find the right ranch that suits your desired ranching lifestyle!


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