Outbuildings: Utility Structures for Ranches

Jul 6, 2020 -- Posted by : admin

One of the most valuable parts of owning a legacy ranch is its unlimited potential for enhancing your lifestyle, creating memories, and growing its value.

Often, the expanse of acres includes numerous buildings. There is the main house, and the luxury it provides for you and your close friends and families. Then frequently a guest house allows for a more private, but no less inviting, experience for visitors who may be staying a bit longer.

Tool shed in a snowy field.

But besides those two buildings, most ranches come with a variety of other structures, generally referred to as 'outbuildings.' These outbuildings can range from a heated garage/workshop, to a lofty haybarn, to old root cellars or original homestead structures. Sometimes smaller, habitable quarters are included, once called the 'picker's home' for seasonal help on a working ranch.

But as a new ranch owner, intent on creating your perfect corner of the world, what is the best way to involve these eclectic structures in your life?

Warehouse full of toys including trucks, ATVs, snowmobiles, motorcycles, etc.

The Homestead and Root Cellar

Often a crumbling or poorly insulated log construction of only one or two rooms, the original homestead of a property is the historical heart of a ranch. Many are actually protected as historical buildings, but even without that stipulation, preserving the original home adds authenticity and unique interest to your property. The whole or split log construction can also provide a beautiful backdrop to photo shoots for important events hosted on the property.

The Hay-barn

Hay-barns can vary tremendously in reliability and safety is the first priority. Have an inspector check the support beams and roofs for instability if there is any doubt. Once the building is secured, the huge, sheltered space can offer a number of opportunities. If you are receiving an agricultural easement of property taxes, you may actually be storing hay in there. If not, it is the best place to house larger 'toys' such as yachts, various all-terrain vehicles or anything else that doesn't quite fit in the garage. Families may also consider the hay-barn as a rainy-day playhouse, creating basketball courts, swings or other play equipment.

Old-time outbuilding with snow.

Picker's Home

Usually set on another, private area of the property, away from the main and guest house, the picker's home again should be carefully evaluated for structural integrity. Once that step is complete, many ranch owners refurbish the place into a working home for caretakers or contractors. The exterior of the home itself can be upgraded to match the theme of the property and be another visually attractive addition to the property.

However you plan to live and work on your legacy ranch, contact Ranch Sellers to learn more about all the opportunities provided by having your own corner of the world.


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