Tips to Prepare Your Ranch For Sale

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You've enjoyed the luxuries of the ranch lifestyle for years.

Now, it's simply time to move on. Or, perhaps you're ready to finally make good on your initial investment of buying a ranch.

We also know that telling the farmhands and caretakers you've created wonderful relationships with over the years about an upcoming ranch sale can be tricky, and we know that you want to sell your home for the highest possible price.

We want to make the process as simple and straightforward as possible.

So, we've created this list of some of the top ranch sale tips that will help you to get a fantastic return on your investment.

Begin With An Appraisal

In today's real estate markets, it can sometimes be a challenge to determine the real worth of your ranch.

Especially if you've put a lot of money into renovations, upgrades, and even smart technology, you want to be sure that now is the right time for a ranch sale. This way, you can feel good about the sale, knowing that you were able to make an excellent return on your initial investment.

Be aware, however, that a standard home appraiser will not be enough when you're ready to sell your ranch.

Instead, you'll need to hire an agricultural appraiser. As opposed to just looking at the ranch itself, an appraiser with a specialization in agriculture will be able to examine the property as a whole.

They'll assess features like the quality of your soil, your average crop yields, your irrigation techniques, any animals/livestock included in the sale, and countless other aspects that traditional appraisers won't be able to.

Evaluate The State Of Your Ranch

It's highly likely that, after speaking with both your real estate agent and your agricultural appraiser, you'll have a better understanding of the things you can do to increase your ranch's value.

Of course, since this is a ranch sale, the idea of simply boosting your "curb appeal" isn't enough. Repainting the front door or putting a new roof on one of the stables may not be enough to optimize your ranch for potential buyers.

Instead, focus on what will allow the buyer to get the most out of every acre or ranch lifestyle amenity.

For example, consider improving the trails that wind their way through your ranch property. Ensure that your farmhands have repaired all your fencing, and even have someone come and inspect the health of livestock included in the sale.

When you're selling, present potential buyers with concrete crop harvest reports if you grow crops there now or in the past.

Above all, make sure that you've upgraded your ranch's irrigation system, or simply added a new source of water, like a small pond. In addition to providing more water, ponds and lakes provide potential buyers with other favorite activities like fishing, canoeing, and ice skating.

Also, be sure to highlight the exclusivity and privacy of life on a ranch, especially if you're targeting the millennial market.

Do this by hiring a professional photographer and videographer to come to your property and create unique, high-quality photographs of what life is like on your ranch. Don't just show the property, show all the activities that are possible on your property.

This will help potential buyers to imagine what their life will be like on your ranch and place themselves there emotionally.

Try Newer Selling Methods

Since you're going to be selling to a luxury market, standard methods of selling property won't likely position your property in the best light.

Keep in mind that your ideal buyer may be several states (or even countries) away, and before they come for a tour like to deeply research the ranch. You don't want to miss out on them just because they're unable to come see the property in person.

In today's world, virtual reality plays an enormous role within the real estate market, and particularly for ranch sales. Now, you can offer remote potential buyers the chance to go on a three-dimensional tour of your ranch and the surrounding property without ever leaving home.

Using virtual reality technology, like Matterport, you can create virtual tours of your property so that prospective buyers can get a clear idea of what your property is like. Ask your broker about options for using new technologies that will help attract the right buyers and give them a more complete idea about what your property offers them.

Where To Find Ranch Sale Experts

While the advice will provide a good start, we understand that your ranch may be one of many properties you're currently looking to sell.

As much as you would like to, you simply may not have the time to dedicate to handling a ranch sale on your own. You may also value the input of an experienced professional, especially if you're concerned that you may have to sell at a loss.

We can help to turn things around and ensure that your ranch sale is handled with the utmost professional care.

Spend some time on our website to learn more about how you can use our over 40 years of experience within ranch real estate to your advantage. Contact us today at or phone Dennis or Michael for the personal service you need to list and sell your ranch with ease and confidence.


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