Shooting Sports: A Great Weekend Activity

Jul 6, 2017 -- Posted by : admin

At your Colorado legacy ranch, there is no such thing as boring. In fact, the greatest challenge when hosting friends or family is choosing which incredible activity to do! Hiking, biking, ATVing, fishing, or scenic drives can all be a wonderful way to pass the time.

A unique activity available to ranch owners is any of a variety of shooting sports! This not only provides hours of engagement and a little friendly competition but also hones valuable skills for hunting season. Whether its target practice with a .22 caliber rifle, skeet (or trap) shooting with a 12 gauge, or even backyard archery lessons, there is a plethora of options depending on preference and the skill level of participants.

Target Shooting with Rifles or Pistols

Basic target shooting is a great introduction to the world of firearm use and safety. Choose an area with a dirt-banked hill to set up targets. This embankment will block any stray shots from ending up in dangerous areas. Be sure not to shoot towards a very rocky hillside or cliff wall as shards of rocks from bullet impact can ricochet a surprising distance.

Have fun choosing a variety of targets. The traditionally printed bulls-eyes are fun and useful for 'sighting' your weapon, but there is a lot of satisfaction to be had from tagging empty cans or other non-glass targets.

Once your range is set up, encourage any neophytes to safely explore using and shooting a variety of guns. Set up more and more challenging targets as their skills increase, or challenge yourself by shooting from a longer distance.

Skeet Shooting

Skeet shooting (also called trap shooting) is another fun way to get everyone involved in a little competitive fun and prepare for any fowl hunting season. Of course, most shotguns, carry with them a serious kick, and a moving target can be very challenging for someone just learning to handle firearms, so it may be a more suitable activity for people who already have a little experience handling rifles.

This time, set up your range over an open field, river's edge, or otherwise wide open target area. If you have a favorite spot for this activity, you may want to invest in a mechanical thrower which securely attaches to the ground and does the work of throwing the clay pigeons for you. Without a mechanical thrower, you will have to rely on a manual throwing arm and your friends' reliable aim!

Call 'Pull!' track your target, squeeze the trigger and experience the satisfaction of exploding clay!


Archery is a low-impact shooting sport to enjoy with visitors who are in the mood for a little something different. Although there are many styrofoam targets available for this sport, hay bales are classic. They don't get knocked over as easily, are better for retrieving arrows, and provide a more rustic look.

Again, use a banked hillside for the range in order to block stray arrows. Take the challenge up a notch by increasing the distance. Use a modern combine bow with pulleys to assist your draw, or you can try the classic longbow experience. Either way, you are sure to engage any of your visitors, young or old!

The spacious mountain wilderness of your luxury ranch can become a private haven for all types of recreation, and shooting sports are just another way to create lasting memories. Contact us to learn about our current listings of ranches for sale.


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