​What to Look for in the Best Ranches for Sale

Aug 1, 2021

Imagine gazing across stretches of land with no neighbors in sight. Taking in the scenic beauty and sense of accomplishment from a life of hard work. The tranquility and peace of those later years.

All on the property you own.

Long ago, you may have looked into ranches for sale. A property that's both an ultimate getaway and a fun challenge. Perhaps since then, your wealth has grown and the time has come.

Let's entertain that idea of owning a ranch, shall we?

What to Look for in the Best Ranches for Sale

What draws people to owning a ranch is hard to pinpoint.

Some want to escape society and enjoy their days at peace, surrounded by nature. Others seek an investment opportunity. Yet, privacy and a luxurious lifestyle are the main draws for most.

Ownership of a private estate allows one to do their favorite activities like hunting, fishing, and outdoor recreation. All without the need to ask for permission or spend hours planning and executing the trip.

You may want a bit of both:

  • An escape and chance to build a legacy
  • The open opportunity to do the things you love

Let's consider what to look for in ranches for sale to satisfy this middle ground of having fun but also building something magnificent.

Ranch Sellers Agent Sean Saffell Fly Fishing


Property access for private trips or business meetings could be troublesome if the terrain makes it difficult. Though, it may be a selling point for keeping family and solicitors at bay.

The best ranches will have multiple access points for convenience. Talk with a ranch seller to understand your options or take a ride with them to see what to expect with the selection.


Natural wonders or protected species of animals could prevent you from developing in prime locations.

A landowner may give up rights to the land but retaining ownership. This is done via a conservation easement. The easement could provide a tax benefit. An extra benefit could be building restrictions.

The restrictions require compliance and prohibit future development in the area. This is great for keeping encroaching neighbors away.

Ultimately, this may prove a wise decision for those who want to prevent areas of their land from becoming commercialized. It legally binds the owner (and others) to maintain tranquility.

Natural conservation will attract a variety of wildlife, too. This is a great talking point when entertaining guests and showing the property.

Herd of Elk - Ranch Sellers Mountain Ranch Properties

Population Growth

The land is limited while populations keep growing. The growth will create an eventual demand for all land in the far-off future.

It may take many generations, but investment in large swaths of property will eventually become a hot commodity. A ranch can become a long-term investment that's bound to create a family legacy and wealth.

Talk with the realtor to understand population demographics as this will help you understand the popularity of the area.

The growth projections could influence your decision. If interest is high and neighbors begin moving into the area then it could disrupt your ideal getaway. Likewise, a lack of interest in the market is a sign of slow population growth meaning a smaller chance of having those neighbors.

Maintenance and Challenges

The isolation could pose problems with regular maintenance to the home.

Limited access is a concern when stocking supplies. Rough terrain and narrow access points could disrupt major renovations requiring the delivery of large construction materials.

This also applies to medical emergencies. Consider the response time when you're far removed. Coincidentally, you may find yourself in greater health by getting away from areas of higher crime, stress, and pollution.


The allure of entertaining these ranches for sale is the wealth of activities one will find when owning these large properties.

You may have reached the age of retirement but that doesn't mean you'll need to slow down. In fact, you won't want to with so many activities!

  • Hiking
  • Camping
  • Fishing
  • Hunting
  • Offroading
  • Skiing
  • Horseback riding

A ranch is a dream estate for those that have always enjoyed the great outdoors.

Consider a trip to a dude ranch to see what these types of properties hold. It's hard to get the full sense and wonderment through pictures alone.

Owning a ranch may come as a lifestyle shock especially after you experience it firsthand. The dream is to get away but the solidarity starts to feel like isolation. This is a good reason to consider local activities when looking at ranches for sale.

Horseback Riding - Ranch Sellers Mountain Ranch Properties

Off-Site Considerations with Ranches for Sale

Let's say you don't want to completely go off the grid. You're active and crossing off those bucket list items is still a priority.

Having access to fun activities around the area is a bonus.

Concerts & Festivals

The music and event scene around the Rockies are all-encompassing:

  • Red Rocks Summer Concert Series
  • Colorado State Fair
  • Telluride Bluegrass Festival
  • Denver Arts Week
  • Colorado Brewers' Festival
  • Country Jam
  • Sonic Bloom

There's something for everyone!

The draw of the major cities makes them desirable locations for touring bands and event organizers. If you miss it in one city, then you're bound to find it happening in one not too far away!

Travel & Getaways

The Grand County area is a stone's throw from the best destinations in Colorado:

  • Rocky Mountain National Park
  • Denver and Boulder
  • Summit County
  • Lake Granby
  • Estes Park

These destinations will satisfy the needs and desires to shop, dine and get active.

You can enjoy activities like skiing or take in an amazing theater production. Chow down on a bison burger or try some Rocky Mountain oysters.

Into the nightlife scene? A short ride into Denver serves for a great night of fun at some of the best bars in the area!

Both Denver and Boulder are great central hubs only a few hours' drive from the ranches we have to offer. 

Things You May Not Know About Buying a Ranch

The ranches for sale in online listings are breathtaking. You're enamored by their beauty. The thought of living in the great outdoors, among wildlife, has no contention when compared to city life.

Racing through your mind is "Yes! This is it!".

Pull back on those reigns, cowboy.

You'll find all your common considerations with ranches for sale like a typical real estate transaction. Except, a few you may not have known that are specific to buying a ranch:

  • Water rights
  • Conservation easements
  • Mineral rights

These minor elements aren't difficult to process. Ranch realtors will handle the paperwork and legal requirements during the sale.

Ranches, especially in Colorado, include a wide range of flora and fauna. The vast acreage of your domain changes the dynamics depending on your plans.

You'll want to consider ranch hands. The ranch hands are a team of specialists that help with maintenance such as fence repair or animal husbandry.

Helpers also contribute to the profitability of the ranch. These individuals could include general laborers and geologists!

An investment into ranch hand services allows you to kick back and relax knowing the property is well-maintained and kept private. It's also an excellent, fun way to learn about nature and your property.

Is the dream still alluring? Then...

Call Ranch Sellers

Our dynamic father-son duo of Dennis R. Saffell and Sean R. Saffell is tried and tested. Both have decades of experience living the ranch life and seeing to their development & success.

Call Ranch Sellers to learn about the thrill and escapism of owning a ranch. It's our mission to find you the perfect real estate in the American West. Start your family's legacy today!


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