Where to Find Natural Hot Springs in Colorado

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Is there anything better than a dip in some hot springs? If you didn't answer with a resounding "yes!", we're guessing you've never been in one.

Natural hot springs are some of the most beneficial elements on earth.

Spring water passes through the earth, heating up from within the earth's mantle. Because it travels so far, it brings up many beneficial minerals, like magnesium, that can help with psoriasis, eczema, and other skin conditions.

People bathing in mineral hot springs.

Beyond that, the water itself has been helping massage, relax, and ease the pain of human bodies throughout the ages.

If you're ready to take a plunge, the natural hot springs in Colorado are the best choice!

Why Natural Hot Springs In Colorado?

Why is it that Colorado is the best place to enjoy a nice, hot soak? The reasons are plentiful.

Colorado is one of the most beautiful states in the nation. The outdoor adventures are endless - from hiking, to skiing, to nature walks.

The wildlife is incredible and the terrain itself is among the most stunning in America.

Among this gorgeous landscape, Colorado has been blessed with rejuvenating hot springs. Once only a local indulgence, many are now discovering the many benefits of the natural hot springs in Colorado.

While some have been developed into public properties and others remain private, you'll want to go to only the very best. Keep reading for the ultimate guide to these warm and wonderful natural resources!

Glenwood Hot Springs, Glenwood Springs

When the Ute Native American tribe visited these springs, they called the waters "yampah". This translates as "big medicine", a fitting name for these healing waters.

Among the many famous visitors to this historic resort are the names of famous - and infamous - men. Both the likes of Teddy Roosevelt and Al Capone bathed in these waters.

Avalanche Ranch Cabins & Hot Springs, Redstone

Looking for something a little more secluded? The Avalanche Ranch Cabins and Hot Springs is ideal. The 36-acre ranch has everything for a perfect outdoor adventure - hiking trails, a well-stocked pond, and private river front access.

The best part? You'll have 24-hour access to three private hot springs pools. You'll be bathing morning, noon, and night!

Strawberry Park Hot Springs, Steamboat Springs

Strawberry Park Hot Springs makes every hot springs list and it's no surprise why.

The hot springs themselves are corralled into a pool-like bathing area made to look like rocky grottoes. If the water doesn't relax you, the massage services will.

One word of caution: during the day, it's a very "all ages" place. At night, it becomes "adult only" - and "bathing suit optional"! Keep that in mind if you bring the kids.

Man soaking in hot springs with natural rocks.

Hot Sulphur Springs, Grand Lake

Want to heat things up? Nothing's hotter than a bath in the Hot Sulpher Springs near Grand Lake.

The waters here go from hot to REALLY hot, so you can find one that suits your preferences.

Conundrum Hot Springs, Aspen

A name like Conundrum is sure to leave you puzzled - and curious. They're among the most scenic of all natural hot springs in Colorado - here's why:

They're remote, surrounded by untamed wilderness, and there's hardly ever a crowd. Why?

The thing about the Conundrum springs is that it requires a bit of a hike to get to it. If you are up for the challenge, be prepared to hike about 8.5 miles.

Once you see the springs, you'll know the reward was worth it!

Old Town Hot Springs, Steamboat Springs

Another great choice for those traveling with kids. You'll find all the favorites of the younger set, including slides and recreation areas.

Don't worry, parents - there's even child care facilities on site. You can enjoy soaking in the mineral water with complete peace of mind.

Once you're done bathing, there are plenty of indoor activities, like tennis and fitness classes, to keep you entertained, too.

Dunton Hot Springs, near Telluride

For history buffs, nothing beats a visti to Dunton hot springs. If you're a fan of the Wild, Wild West you'll be thrilled to find out Dunton is situated in an old ghost town.

Although some elements are old-fashioned - like long-table dinners in an old 1800s saloon - most of it is brand new. Features include private log cabins and relaxing mineral waters in this all-inclusive resort.

Bonus: for extra sight-seeing, take a trip to Colorado's only geyser nearby.

Valley View Hot Springs, Villa Grove

Want to REALLY get away from the mundane? Valley View is the place for you!

This resort is off the beaten path yet extremely popular. There are many naturally heated pools and saunas for you to relax in.

We should also mention this is a clothing-optional place! If you're looking to get back to nature, this is where you start.

Settle in for a Long Soak

Once you visit the natural hot springs in Colorado, you'll wonder how you ever did without them.

The good news is, you don't have to! Ranch Sellers makes it easier than ever to find yourself a little piece of land so you can stay close to these remarkable natural wonders.

Contact us today to our unique listings for luxury ranches with easy access to some of these incredible hot springs!


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